I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry, but a store owner on the historic (tourist attraction/highlight of C-Ville/home of musical marshmallow/resting place of freedom wall) downtown mall had a pretty good business going in terms of drug deals. Dope, crack, bootleg DVD’s, guns…you name it.

What the story forgot to mention in the story is that the store (Sexshuns…should the name have raised eyebrows? How did the BAR ever approve that name next to kiddie places?) is about 100 feet from the Charlottesville Police Department. What is that old expression…keep your druggies close, but the police even closer.

The store overlooks the Freedom Wall. Is that funny? And the kiddie museum and carousel. And I’d be willing to be the security camera that overlooks the carousel might have some good footage…if they actually have that turned on.

Now…where is our downtown mall surveillance camera system? Bad boys, bad boys…whatcha gonna do.