For years the county has been paying bucks to the village due to the wrath of TJ. It looks like those days may be coming to an end. If the county decides not to cough up, the village will fall in to a state of disrepair. With the lack of fund we won’t be able to spend millions tearing up bricks and putting down nearly identical bricks. Just imagine what will happen to UVA as it becomes a hand me down to Albemarle High School.

I see dark days ahead. The critical roads connecting the two places will probably get shut down in the near future. Trying to get to Wal-mart will become a trip on the underground railroad. Food will become scarce. The worst part will be the water. Those of us in the village will be drinking the backwash from the county. At least we will be able to take control of the country administrative building (since it sits in the middle of the village).

This could get ugly. If only I could be a fly on a link in that cage match tomorrow.

Cage Match