So it looks as if the furniture then junk art store is now split in two. There was a rumor that an Irish Pub might be going in one side, although that seems unlikely since there is no evidence of kitchen equipment. However, the sign has gone up for one of the new stores, and here in C-Ville we really need it. Italian imports.


You know..things like a horse head, a bowl of pasta, and guns (oh wait…we make those here in virginny). Seems as if the most likely items from the store will be medicinal, dental and pharmaceutical preparations since that is the number one Italian export to the US.

You better get out of here, C-Ville-ites, there’s gonna be trouble.

The Godfather

I can’t wait for my medicinal goodies if you know what I mean. Ever since the FBI closed Sexshuns (one block from City Hall and the Police station) I haven’t known where to get my “goodies” (puff puff…mmmm…) around here.