In the beginning the Tribal Elders created the downtown mall.

Now the mall was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the main road, and the Ghost of TJ was hovering over the bums.

And Tribal Elders said, “Let there be bricks,” and there were bricks. TJ saw that the bricks were good, and the Tribal Elders spent millions to rebrick. TJ called the new bricks “good,” and the fountains he called “malfunctioning.” And there were malfunctions, and there were repairs – the first year.

And Tribal Elders said, “Let there be pipes between the fountains to separate water from water.” So Tribal Elders made the pipes and separated the pipes under the bricks from the fountains above it. And it was so. Tribal Elders called the bricks “mostly complete.” And there were malfunctions, and there were repairs — the second year…

— CVillenesis 1:2

After two years without functioning fountains on the downtown mall they are once again spurting spray into the air to the joys of the huddled masses (huddled because winter is here). It is the week before November. When the 7.5 million dollar rebricking was completed in the spring there were supposed to be lots more fountains (along with the old ones). They were all supposed to work. Well…the cash couldn’t buy any new ones so focus went back to the old ones. After 6 months of work, the time arrived!

Fountain at The Nook

This photo shows how excited the team was. The Nook Fountain was about to begin spurting. The Tribal Elders had a full blown fountain SWAT team working on the situation.

So now that the fountains are working once again, I’d lay money they have to get shut down next week. I seem to recall that is also when the village makes the restaurants remove all outdoor tables. Timing is everything, but it seems as if C-Ville missed school on the day that lesson was taught. Maybe the elders were hanging out with TJ and his swinging boys.