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Local police and riot squads are preparing for an estimated 25,000 people that will be paying $50 to have their picture taken with a true American hero, Joe The (unlicensed) Plumber.

Joe The Plumber

Be sure to stop by Arch’s Frozen Yogurt to have your picture taken. Local resident feel that he is the best representative for this region since he is so similar to Thomas Jefferson in philosophy and their long lasting sociopolitical importance. To top that off, they both enjoyed a few smokes (although TJ had his own “cigs” if you know what I mean).

There is a rumor that Joe might even drop by the downtown mall to try to get the fountains working once again.

Time to go beg for a few bucks so I can get my picture taken! See ya’ll there. Authorities suggest you use mass transit rather than drive due to lack of parking on the corner, and the potential for snow covered roads.

An article in Children’s Health Magazine selected the Top 100 Best Places to Raise Kids, and guess what? Charlottesville is not in the list. Places such as Newark, Richmond, Norfolk, Baltimore, and Detroit were all among the top 100. C-Ville was not.

When exactly did C-Ville become a big pile of trash in the breeder result community, and what can be done about it?

Light trash

Locals have already begun to rise up in protest. I believe a statement has been passed along to the city council and is on the agenda for the next meeting when we discuss which roads can’t be built, which cesspools can’t be drudged, and when we will apologize for something else TJ used to do (if you know what I mean).

Perhaps what should really be done is look at how the contest was rigged. Just look at the list of items that was included when determining the best cities. Many things were included such as percentage of houses that are occupied by owners. According to census figures the state average is 68%. Here in C-Ville that is only 40%. Median family income is another issue. The state average (in 1999) was 24k. In C-Ville it was 17k.

The number living below the poverty line in the state was 9.6%, but it C-Ville it was an astounding 25.9% More than a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. If you look around, not much has changed since 1999. As a matter of fact, it is easy to see how many more homeless are on the streets around here.

Zoos are good. We have none. Sex offenders are bad. We have lots, and they like sitting next to the kids play area on the mall.

I guess it is easy to see why this is not a good place to raise kids.

Who could possibly forget the fun we had four years ago when Playboy came to town. They shut down Chaps and Rapture for hours as photos were taken. A Hoo became Ms. October that year. Once again they are rolling in to town for Monday.

Some feel that TJ wouldn’t be happy with Playboy…but for some reason people always seem to use TJ’s name whenever press is going out of business (such as most of the newspapers in the country).

Which is it hoos? TJ likes freedom of press? TJ likes slavery? TJ likes women? TJ likes men? TJ likes tyranny? Since I never knew TJ…and I’m sure not a single ready knows TJ…I think you should stop saying what TJ likes. Except of course for me…I chat with TJ every day so can say anything I wish.

Right TJ?

I continue to make a few changes here and there, but I’ve decided I’m happy with the new look. The theme is “young” and I’m sure a few bugs will pop up here and there. I still have lots of behind the scenes stuff to work on, but that is on the back burner until a week when I have lots of free time (aka never).

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Thinking about changing the look of the site. Since this is the main news site for many local residents I was thinking about switching to a look that has a bit of a newspaper feel. Whatever you do, don’t panic. I will not reduce your milk, bread, or toilet paper supply.

I also need to do a LOT of updating of some behind the scene stuff on this site. When you’ve been blogging since the days before blogging had a name you can fall behind on a few things.

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