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…small town life

OK…due to excessive feedback I had to add a few more names to the NBC29 Hot or Not poll. I know they will be starting from behind, but hey…we’ll see how it goes. I think it is pretty clear that we have a frontrunner or two already. New pictures will get put up tomorrow.

After NBC29 we’ll head over to the other local networks and see what’s up over there. The top three from each network will make it in to the next round. Who will win the first annual Outskirts Award for Hottest of the Hot in Local Media Award? I have my favorite…but we can’t give away any secrets at this point of time 🙂 The winner will receive $50 to donate to any charity of their choice.

Now…on to real news….

In the old (aka pre-web) days you could move to a new town when you wanted to and leave life behind. Stories, rumors, innuendo, and all that could be left behind. In the world today that is much harder. Wikipedia tracks you if you are famous or worthwhile, court records are posted online, and pointless blogs like this will continue to remind people that DMB is really DBM (the bowel movement dumpin’ band). Where has personal freedom gone, and does anyone really care?

And that brings us to the past. A tipster let me know that one person from NBC29 had a bad incident one night while out having a bit of fun. I personally think she has moved to a great location now. Based on some of my habits I think we might get along really well (drop me a line anytime). I enjoyed the half marathon after three martinis…although my time wasn’t quite as good as last year.

Another NBC29’er left here and is now a top dog in NYC (on a competitive network of course). CHO (the city, not the mass murderer) to NYC. Good deal. I wonder what he now thinks of the village. I know Tina Fey said in an interview that there really isn’t anything to remember about this place. She came, she saw, she left. The smart approach. Don Shula was here many years ago and said he’s never been back to Charlottesville, “It’s a little bit out of the way,” he said — but he remembers a well-groomed golf course on the outskirts of town. Gotta love the term outskirts getting in there!

So the final question. Does the past really matter? Good, bad, or otherwise?

No. Except of course for sports where you never forget.

I wonder if the sketch artist or eyewitness watches American Idol…since there sure is a bit of a similarity between the possible Idol and the suspected robber.

2 different people?

Almost a mirror image!

As Kaine once again tries to ban smoking in restaurants and bars (odds say that won’t happen in my lifetime) it just makes you think a bit more about what a backwards region this is. Education is middle of the road. Poverty is high (can you believe 40% of the kids in C-Ville can’t afford lunch?). Smoking rate is extraordinary. This area hasn’t advanced in a long, long time.

I hear lots of stories about Hillary crying, Oprahbama giving us hopes and dreams, Huckabillyboy telling us that we are slaves to God, Giuliani using the expression 9/11 in every other sentence, and McCain getting funky, but none of it matters here in Virginia. We are lower than a macaca. After most states have voted we will then vote. The primaries won’t matter. Is that a good thing?

I continue to wonder why people in this area care about politics. We have mini-islands that vote blue (even though their actions are as red as blood – can you say BAR or Crapshaw), and then a sea of red (NOVA is always excluded from VA…since they have civilization). God fearing, pig foot lovin folk. So why care about politics? Our vote has no meaning at all. We are in the lower percentile.

Not votin feels mighty fine to me ya all. Now go enjoy a smoke, some shine, and your big ass Cho-ish gun. Ye haw. Real world Virginia. Will you tell me a story Huckabillyboy? Will Stephen Colbert be in it?

Seems as if good the C-Ville City Home Page isn’t very friendly this afternoon. Now how will I ever pay my taxes?

C-Ville HP Down
Charlottesville…great place to live for all our residents who don’t like the web.

The Hook continues to lead in the ‘best local news source’ poll (or at least holds a share of the lead…cvillain is hanging tough), but they went ahead and changed their look. Is the new look hot, or not?

It does have a few usability issues, and it no longer has that brash red “I’m standing up to the village fools” look to it. I’m on the not side of this argument.