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From a loyal reader:

Do the police routinely allow TV news vans to park illegally in Charlottesville? This evening I saw two WVIR vans parked illegally. One was on the brick of the Mall near the skating rink. The van was blocking the curb ramp at the crosswalk on Water St. A photo of that van is now on The Hook’s blog. The other one was on a side street just off of the Downtown Mall. That van is in the attached photo. It was parked right next to a sign reading, “No Parking -Fire Lane -Tow Away Zone”.


Kevin Cox

Parking News
Photo provided by K. Cox

I actually ran past the one that was pictured in the Hook’s blog and I almost tripped on the long cable that stretched from the van to the reporter. Of course I’m not going to complain since the reporter was cute 🙂

But seriously…I’ve never seen news vehicles obey any parking laws. The village wants good PR, so they let news vans park with no issues. Gotta keep the hand that feeds you clean (or some saying along those lines).

Nothing quite like Lee-Jackson Day. Right? Virginia is so proud of its own private holiday.

Many are still pissed at Reagan who made VA add MLK to the holiday. It then became Lee-Jackson-King Day. Notice which names came first.

Eventually, as a powerful southern smoking state, we managed to separate the holidays so everyone can celebrate their own.

Tipster K has a new mission, eradicate one source of trash from the village. Can it be done? I’m guessing no. It is equivalent to bringing sanity to the village, and we know that is impossible.

Littering is a problem and a crime in Charlottesville. Some of the biggest offenders are the sanitation workers who can’t seem to get all the trash from the cans and recycling bins into the trucks. They also routinely drop the trash stickers from the cans onto the streets. I know that some people now don’t bother to buy trash stickers. They just re-use the stickers that are left in the street.

This is your problem, not mine so I am going to bring it to you. I have begun to collect the trash that is left behind by the sanitation workers. If I am not convinced that you are getting this fixed I will bring the collected trash to a City Council meeting and dump it on your desk. I am sick and tired of coming home and finding garbage on my sidewalk that belongs in a sanitation truck.

— Sent to the city by Tipster K (including photos below).

Trash Remnants

Trash Tag

Even I have posted a few trash shots on occasion.

This morning the mall rebricking project began. The city has vowed the entire mall will be done by May Day. The last time some rebricking was done it took about two years to do half a block. This project is vastly larger. I’m predicting August based on Day 1 and historical evidence.

Brick Breaking
First brick being attacked with a hammer.

Rebrick: Day 1
Five hours later a few dozen bricks were gone.

Here in Virginia we went for a blue President for the first time in a billion years (approximately). When walking away from the voting booth the helpers always offer you one of those little “I voted” stickers. In downtown C-Ville they had two options: the traditional little flag, and one that had the full blown Obama logo on it.

What happened to the law that you couldn’t wear any promotional material inside the polling station? Perhaps just “holding” the stickers in your hand doesn’t count as wearing. Oh well. As we know, elections are always a little fishy around here. How else could the devil have sat in office for a few years (I miss the devil).

Promotional Vote

Off I go to vote. Has Goode already been elected? He seems good at winning elections (wink wink).

I’m going to wear my ObaMaCain button, Palin Halloween costume, and Ron Paul pants just to see if I get arrested at the polling place. They have outlawed anything and everything that promotes any one person or party. What if I wear a red shirt and blue pants…does that promote anything?

Oh well, it will be fun striping so I can vote.

Charlottesville loves to put art up all over town so that they can promote it in promotional materials. I wonder what this tin woman will do for tourism. When teaching your breeder results about politics do you think this is a good thing to show them? Why are the boobs so pointy daddy?

Did the artist put the “vote” sign on it, or did some local zealot do that? Curious minds want to know.

Votus De C-Ville

For those that missed it Charlottesville almost got eradicated due to a near nuclear meltdown at our local reactor.

Although the exact reason for the meltdown was not provided, some believe it was caused by ghosts.

In an effort to avoid the eradication of the village in the future a massive protest was staged on the historic downtown mall yesterday afternoon. Police had a difficult time maintaining control as the crowds started screaming that we should go back to the old “TJ days” when someone would just use a big fan to keep you cool.

Alternative Energy Parade
Locals march in favor of alternative energy.

Evil Graffiti

This was painted on an alley wall along the downtown mall. I guess some locals can’t wait until Thursday evening. I’ll be watching Survivor.